Jackson enum ordinal

Enums as Parameters In this example, an enum is a parameter and the function returns the string value of enumerator parameter. It uses the ToString() method of the enumerator and returns the result. The good thing about typecasting the parameter as an enum, it assures only valid values are accepted into the function. Enumerated Types..

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Oct 14, 2011 · What is the best approach to force Jackson to serialize enums just like POJOs? ... @JsonFormat.Shape.NUMBER Public Enum OrderTYpe{...} uses OrderType::ordinal as the ....

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1. Json数据格式. JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)是一种 轻量级 的 数据交换 格式。. 轻量级 指的是跟xml作比较, 数据交换 指的是客户端和服务器之间业务数据的传输格式。. JSON 是一种完全独立于语言的文本格式,使用 C 系列语言(包括 C)所熟悉的约定,使之让.